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With Mask Handling Automation and Automated Ear Loop Welding System

Medical mask production machines, manufactured in the US, are capable of mass-producing up to 200 medical face masks per minute.  The machine combines 3-layers of non-woven material and delivers a completed mask ready for packaging.  Therefore, with the proper materials, these medical masks will meet ASTM levels 1, 2 or 3 standards.

The masks produced are medical grade quality for advanced protection against viruses. Specifically, they are made with 3 layers of protection material. With these important requirements, we are still able to deliver a great quality product. In fact, the medical grade PPE is fitted with elastic ear loops and adjustable nose piece. As a result, the medical face masks provide a great comfortable fit for all day use.

Flat Mask Production Machinery


Maximize efficiency, quality and reliability to produce welded ear-loop mask assemblies to meet the needs of today’s market


Engineered and built with the best components to support a 24/7, high volume, production environment


Providing you the production equipment and source raw material to help you manufacture flat masks at scale



3 Layer Structure

2 outer layers of spunbond polypropylene, & an engineered middle layer of melt-blown polypropylene filter media

Universal Sizing

3 pleats ensure the mask will cover the nose, mouth, and chin for maximum protection against viruses

Adjustable Nose Piece

A metal or plastic coated wire nose piece is integrated and welded into the mask for a customized mask fit

The machinery and manufacturing solutions designed, built and commissioned by The RDI Group have been helping customers improve productivity and profits,
while also assisting customers enter the market with their business since the early 1900s.

What We Offer

RDI Medical is committed to help you configure, build, and maintain your specific mask production equipment. Additionally, we will help you efficiently produce medical face masks at scale.

Furthermore, our installation and commissioning services provides you with professional installation and start up of your equipment.

Quarterly maintenance packages are available, providing you with periodic review and service to help maximize the productivity of your equipment.

Raw material sourcing support is also available as you evaluate the different materials you want to utilize for your specific mask requirements.  For example, our trusted providers can supply the specific outer, inner, and filter media materials.

In addition, we can be an extension of your team to further assist you while you gain more experience and comfort to run your production equipment.

Automated Mask Making Equipment


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