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made entirely in the U.S.A.

We’re applying 120 years of American engineering expertise and a reputation for service to make PPE we can all count on.

Face Mask Machines
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Expertly-engineered, 100% American-made medical face mask machines.

Face Masks
& Supply

High-quality face masks
made here in Itasca, Illinois.

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We're solving the need for high-quality, American-made medical masks.
American-made medical mask production machine


Face Mask Making Machine - Made in USA

High-quality components built to U.S. standards and in compliance with ANSI, IEEE, NEMA and UL standards.


Production Rate Up to 200 masks/minute
Construction 3-ply, elastic ear loop with adjustable nose piece
Dimensions 175mm x 95mm (6.9” x 3.75”)
Number of Pleats 3
Type ASTM Levels 1, 2, 3 depending on raw materials used and environment masks are produced in

Precision-designed mask production machines engineered, manufactured and tested entirely in the U.S.

RDI Medical Face Mask

Slide FROM OUR CUSTOMERS “Based on our experience with RDI, I am confident that we made the right decision by selecting RDI as the mask machine partner for Graham Professional.” Jeremy Roemer VP/ GM, Graham Professional Slide FROM OUR CUSTOMERS “Ease of business is a factor in building relationships with our vendors, and RDI Group has been nothing short of fantastic in helping us
provide masks for our employees”
Agnes Popp Purchasing Agent, General Kinematics


We’re in it for the long-term.

As part of The RDI Group, we’ve been using advanced engineering, creative design and industrial expertise to solve challenging problems for more than 115 years.

We are in the business of manufacturing medical face mask machines and selling protective masks while helping others do the same because our mission is to solve for the need for a domestic supply of PPE.

Face Mask Machine


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