American Made Production Equipment for Mask Manufacturers

American Made Production Equipment for Mask Manufacturers

Original article published by Nonwovens Industry

RDI Medical, a subsidiary of U.S. based company The RDI Group, has focused on mask production ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Having over a century of previous experience in machine manufacturing and automation, RDI Medical wasted no time in producing these machines to supply the world with this critical protective equipment.
American Made Production Equipment for Mask Manufacturers
RDI Medical has been designing and building high-speed machines capable of producing masks ranging from 1-ply to 4-ply, with printed logos for businesses who want to incorporate their brand. For businesses starting out in mask production, RDI Medical helps specify raw materials and recommendations to provide a buying experience unmatched by other mask machine manufacturers.
Curtis Maas, chairman and CEO of The RDI Group, says: “The RDI Group supplies production systems and technology to the best manufacturers in the world—entering this PPE market for engineered mask production was a logical decision for us.”
Capable of producing up to 200 masks per minute, the face mask machinery produced by RDI Medical provides manufacturers with standard and customized equipment to keep up with the high demand for face masks.
The RDI Group has over 100 years of established engineering and automation experience and applied their knowledge to the design and manufacturing of this mask making equipment.
Additionally, RDI Medical is also offering high performance and high-quality face masks for commercial and institutional businesses as well as wholesalers.